Friday, March 13, 2009


Things that made me smile this week...
Sweet pink tulips. 
Picture this...Eli, Emma & I stand in front of the flower display. I kneel down to Eli and together we pray, "Father, which flowers should we take home?" Eli quickly picks out these bright pink bloom. We take them home and display them proudly.
My spring garden. Taking shelter from the cold. Just waiting to be planted.
New growth.
This makes me laugh. You can figure out what this is.
Cleaning our home in a skirt. You should try it sometime. 
All dolled up and ready to clean.
Happy Friday Friends. 
This weekend it will be cold, so indoors we must stay. 
My agenda for the weekend includes...
my last Saturday of school for a while
weather permitting, David will pickup compost for the garden, lots of it
fun spring crafts with Eli
just having fun with my lovely family

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Christine said...

What pretty pics. Hey, I need your e-mail address so I can invite you to our blog. I lost all of my e-mail contacts. Crazy!! I am so proud of you for cooking salmon. That's something I've never attempted.