Thursday, November 5, 2009

Going Back In Time...

Did you know I use to hop on the back of this man's motorcycle and we'd spend the day at the beach?
Did you know that we use to go camping? A lot. We'd sit by the campfire together. We'd talk.
Did you know I attending prom with this man? He bought me the most beautiful corsage. I picked it out.
Did you know he use to walk me to my class? Freshman and Sophmore year.
Did you know we'd pass notes to each other during passing periods?
Did you know that we got so sunburned during our honeymoon in Maui?

I don't ever want to forget those moments...
The time he caught me when I passed out.
The time I dyed his hair.
The time we had a bonfire at the beach.
The time he talked me out of quitting college.
The time a tree fell on my truck.
The time he changed my flat tire.
Never. Forget. Those. Moments.

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