Wednesday, September 28, 2011

lost in the garden

last night, with surgical gloves on, david headed outside to tackle the poison ivy in the garden. he quickly discovered that my garden is full of that darn plant. i watched from the breakfast nook window and cringed.

so here's a shot of just half of the medicine that kept me (somewhat) sane over the past two weeks. this non-medicine taker ingested 1/4 of a bottle of benadryl in a very short amount of time.

i have spring bulbs in the freezer. they have a few more weeks to freeze before planting. i'm dying to get my hands in the dirt. i'm dying to clear the garden of the remnants of this past season. just a few more days of healing and a few more ivy plants for david to remove and then i am there.

the temperatures will soon drop and i will find myself, once again, lost in the garden. seems like ages since i've been there.

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