Monday, September 26, 2011

at home

i have learned to be patient when it comes to details about eli's day at school. if i ask him, "how was kindergarten," as we walk to the car at pickup, he responds, "good." if i say, "tell me something about your day." he responds, "i don't remember." if i continue to ask, he goes silent. so i wait, and details trickle in as the day continues. 

last week, eli, emma and i were laying on our bed. then, eli surprised me with a story about his day at school. he talked about a boy in his class who i will refer to as bob.

"bob moved his clip all the way down to frowny face today!" eli said.
"why? what did he do?" i asked.
"he pushed me." he said.
"so what did you do?" i asked.
"nothing, just told my teacher." he said as he shrugged his shoulders.
"that's awesome buddy," i replied. "do you know why it isn't good to push him back?"
"yeah," he said, "because it stirs up anger."

these kids amaze me. we take a simple scripture weekly and somehow, it seems to find its way in our daily lives. i believe church does not happen within the walls of a nicely decorated building with comfy seats and a pulpit. i believe church happens at home. it happens in the every day moments in life that we choose to embrace and become teachable moments for our children. that is what i want my children to grow to believe church is. 

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Sarah said...

I love hearing stories about your daily life with the "E's". You inspire me as a mother more than you know!!