Monday, July 11, 2011

sweet birthday girl

on this day, three years ago, my daughter was born. she arrived in the silence of a hospital room with david by my side. the final few laborious pushes of childbirth, and she was born. with much exhaustion, i looked at david and he said, "it's a girl!" the doctor placed her on my chest where she spent her first moments of life. 

our first night together, i sent david home to care for eli. emma rested on my chest, again, in the silence of a hospital room. i fell in love all over again that night. 

i blinked and now emma grace is three. those little prayers i whispered into her ear as a newborn are evident in her life today. "may your eyes remain blue, may you sleep soundly tonight and every single night, may you look just like your dad, may you find safety in our home and in my arms."

a few days ago, i laid down in emma's toddler bed with her at nap time. i closed my eyes. she rested next to me, rubbed my cheek to see if i was truly sleeping and within minutes, we both drifted into dreamland. there we laid, three years later, in the silence of her room. 

my girl has grown so much over the past three years. although the shock of receiving the girl i always wanted has faded (some), i remain in awe of this beautiful girl i have been given. she's amazing and she is three today. happy birthday sweet emma grace. 
3 months old. 
6 months old. 
1 year old. 
2 years old. 
3 years old. 

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