Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a birthday dinner

a birthday dinner was held in honor of emma grace. i had a grand vision of this brilliant pinata i was going to make. i surely made a pinata, but it looked pretty terrible. here are the reactions i got from my (not pictured) kitty pinata:
eli: "mama, it's beautiful!"
emma: "i love it!"
david: "hmmmmm, what is it???"
my dad: silence...
my mom: laughter...
everyone else: the comments went something like this, "well, eli's lego pinata was pretty awesome." "it will be destroyed in minutes, so who cares what it looks like." and, "well, emma loves it."
regardless, i made a homemade pinata as our birthday traditional goes. 

here's the breakdown of emma's birthday dinner:
strawberry shortcake, per her request
blowing out candles, per her request
fresh basil from the garden on the table, per my request
a display of emma's photos and zinnias from the garden
pinata hitting in the garage
present opening

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