Thursday, June 30, 2011

on being her mother

this emma grace is mine. i claim her. she's mine. i'd have 1,000 more children if i was guaranteed 1,000 more emma's. but since that's not possible, i'm very content with my two children. 

it's interesting being her mother. she is my shadow. i move throughout the house and she follows my every step. if i change cardigans, she's there asking me why i didn't like the cardigan i was wearing. when i'm putting on my makeup in the morning, she's at my feet. i kneel down with some eyeshadow and she closes her eyelids. she's totally rude to the walmart greeter. i'm done apologizing for her behavior because quite frankly, his attitude is just as stinky. she dances around the kitchen with such grace, then usually turns wrong and falls flat on the floor. she can eat more macaroni and cheese than i. she's always starving. and when she asked me today if she gets to open presents on her birthday, i replied, "of course you do." and out of her mouth came, "that's incredible!" what two year old says those kinds of words?

i think she's so beautiful and there are times i just sit back and watch her. when my mind wanders and i start wondering what she's going to be like as a young lady, i quickly snap out of my daydream and remind myself to enjoy her today. 

so this time 3 years ago i was staring down at my huge belly wondering. i was so uncomfortable and done being pregnant. but i was excited. excited to soon meet my baby who has made my life as a mother complete. 

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