Wednesday, June 29, 2011

emma's room

emma's room is just about done. but if you truly know me, you know it will never be done. i will continue to move things around, add, remove, paint and sew. 

the room turned out even better than i imagined. my initial plan changed a bit but a few things i held firm to: i wanted to keep the bug theme from her original nursery and i didn't want to paint the walls because they were already a perfect shade of green. 

i flipped through pottery barn catalogs and books. walked the isles of craft stores. and this is what i came up with. 
i originally thought i would purchase an unfinished twin bed and paint it white. but then i fell in love with this toddler bed. i can never find window treatments i like, so i sewed the most imperfect valance. 
garden theme bedding. 
i found this adorable bedside table on clearance. it needed a little work so i sanded and repainted certain areas. but ultimately i wanted to keep the shabby look. 
my dad's kindergarten chair with a teddy bear he had made specially for emma.
i found an adorable doll bed at pottery barn and came oh so close to purchasing it for an obscene amount of money. then i found this one unfinished at ikea. i painted it white. just as lovely. 
magnifying glass from the original nursery. 

child's rocking chair that goes back who knows how many generations. 
and the light. i originally thought i'd hang a chandelier. but david reminded me that emma's room is playful and fun. he spotted this light and it goes perfectly.

so there you go.
a darling room for a darling girl. 

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Home as Hobby said...

Very cute! Lucky Emma :)