Sunday, May 22, 2011

one week

it's been a week now since brodie left us and we're still a little teary eyed.

i bought a bag of dog treats some time ago. i gave them out in 2's. at the end of the bag, i was left with just one. two dogs, one treat. i few times over the past month, i came oh so close to pulling out david's saw and sawing it in half. never got around to it. the other day i gave the treat to shelby, no need for the saw anymore.

it's odd having just one dog. shelby's demeanor has changed. she no longer has to compete for attention. i no longer get goosed as i walk through the backyard to the garden or to throw the trash away. as much as i have always been annoyed by brodie's goosing, i kind of miss it now.

we brought shelby's dog house close to the backdoor to make her feel better. david took her for a drive to the grocery store. she sat with us in the driveway friday night until 9pm while we watched the children ride bikes and scooters in the cul-de-sac.

eli keeps talking about how brodie went to heaven. he asked if there's television and ovens and transformers in heaven. i said, "i'm not sure, i've never been there."

emma says over and over again, "brodie's in heaven, he's feeling better now."

again, the simple words of a child seem to bring so much comfort.

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