Saturday, May 21, 2011


what i love about the garden is it's always changing. i could close the garden gate at 8pm, escape to dreamland, return the following day and find an explosion of color. 

the four of us were in the garden the other evening. emma was picking flowers. eli was blowing bubbles. david was watching me move from box to box while i pulled weeds and checked on new growth. "bet you didn't think i was a crazy gardener when you married me," i said to him. "i don't think anyone thought you were," he replied. i guess i never shared my garden obsession with david, because even at 20, while i was preparing for my wedding, i had this dream of a garden. 

even in those silly dreams, i never imagined my garden would look as beautiful as it does now. i never imagined i'd be clipping zinnias to display in a home i think is amazing. i never imagined a curly haired, blue eyed girl would be gardening right beside me. i never imagined i'd be sifting through leaves searching for caterpillars and ladybugs with a boy whose dark features reminds me of my mom and my sister who i miss like crazy. 

i might be a silly dreamer, but it will just have to be because i'm not changing. at. all. 

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