Thursday, May 19, 2011


one thing i love about living here in texas is the abundance.

okay, yes, the abundance my garden produces. one of my terms in agreeing to move to texas was that david would build me a garden. we spent 1 week straight looking at houses from morning to evening. david would walk the house and check out its bones, i would peek out the window and locate the perfect spot for my garden. having my garden makes living here in texas just a bit easier.

but come spring, there's an abundance of caterpillars. your typical caterpillars, yes, but am i the only one out here who sees those huge fuzzy caterpillars crossing the road? i dodge them daily as i drive and say a little silly prayer hoping they make it to the other side.

the butterflies are amazing. an abundance of them. i see them daily visiting the garden and smile as i watch the kids try to catch them. i can only hope that they choose MY parsley again this year to lay their offspring so we can watch the whole process of it all.

and the ladybugs. the kids found yet another one last night hiding on a leaf. emma picked it up and put it on my arm. "it will tickle, momma," emma said, so i giggled as it walked down my arm to my fingertips.

i spent 30 minutes the other day picking a bowl full of green beans. i only picked 1/4 of what is out there.

so excuse me while i'm off to harvest the other green beans, while i dodge a few more fuzzy caterpillars and while i let ladybugs tickle me.

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Shepherding My Flock said...

I love it! Those green beans look delicious!