Wednesday, March 16, 2011


we spent most of the day at home. i planted herbs in the garden while the children played in mud. for once, i out gardened them. they begged me to stop gardening and take them inside. once lunch was devoured and emma was sleeping, eli and i headed back outside to shovel a bit more compost. we hosed down the patio and enjoyed the wind.

emma woke, i packed up our big white truck and we drove to my mother-in-laws to deliver compost. that is when this photo was taken.

here are the details...returning a borrowed carseat led to squashed legs. we don't go anywhere without eli's favorite red toy and emma's favorite princess toothpaste. tackle box is filled with transformers. rosy emma cheeks and perfect curl. brother & sister holding hands.

the truck is big. we were squashed together. emma kicked the truck in reverse as we were driving. we stalled and had a little giggle. they begged me to take the long way home. which we did.

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