Monday, March 14, 2011


the tragedy going on globally leaves me with a heavy heart. every morning since the earthquake and tsunami hit japan, david and i wake up, turn on our computers and hope the night brought some kind of rest. today i asked david, "how do they recover from such a disaster?" "they don't," he replied, "they start all over."

early this morning was a bit weird in our home. we woke at 4am to the blaring sound of our house alarm. david jumped out of bed, grabbed his gun (yes, we are gun owners) and walked the house. i walked behind him, my goal was to get to the children. turns out the back door wasn't latched and the wind blew it open.

emma slept right through it. eli sat in his bed crying. i grabbed him and brought him back to the warmth of our bed. we laid there together and i explained what had happened. we drifted off to sleep.

this morning, as i sat with eli and emma on my lap, we watched some footage of the tsunami. i wanted the children to understand, in their simple way, that tragedy does happen and the importance of looking beyond ourselves to help others around us.

over lunch today, david and i were talking about the earthquakes we experienced while living in california. if we remember correctly,  the northridge earthquake in 1994 was the largest. at 6.7, it was nothing compared to what japan experienced.

if you haven't already, consider giving to a charitable organization to bring aid to those in japan. just a few ideas:
world vision
the american red cross

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