Sunday, March 13, 2011

open for the season

the garden is open again. we have spent the past two days trimming, pulling, shoveling and planting. 

david and eli filled the truck with the most perfect organic compost while emma and i went shopping. perhaps i am the only girl who gets excited about compost, and i'm okay with that. 

eli's afternoon naps have come to an end. he has served his time. so today while emma slept, my boy and i topped off all 10 of our garden boxes. eli swam in the compost, he was in little boy heaven. we ended up with compost under our nails, in our ears and nose. my allergies arrived today. so, if i type/say/post/sing/or think any weird things, please excuse me, it's the medicine. 

my perennials took a beating this winter. most show signs of return, but the jasmine and rosemary had to be trimmed back considerably. 

i'm arranging my square foot garden boxes just a bit different this year. i'll throw some seeds down and visit the farmers market to purchase the rest. 

i asked david if he dreads this time of year. i mean, he kind of loses me to my garden. he just laughed. 

i've been listening to THIS song all weekend. amazing song. 

goodbye winter, hello spring. i am so glad you're here.

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