Thursday, February 17, 2011

winter music mix

winter sky

spring is near. sure the calendar says so, but i can feel it in the air. before we exit winter, i thought i'd compile my winter music mix. 

songs follow me with the seasons. it's funny, sometimes i'll fall in love with a song simply for a line. i'll listen to the entire 4 or 5 minutes of the song just to hear the few words i love. 

so here we go, my winter music mix...

the avett brothers. the perfect space. this song has been with me for awhile. the first few lines get me. listen closely. the entire song is greatness.

bob marley. three little birds. listened to this one over and over in the warmth of the mexico sun. 

david gray. babylon. just love. 

iron & wine. such great heights. just sweet.  

jess penner. a little bit crazy. because i dance to this one in the kitchen with my girl. and it's kinda like us. 

josh radin. lovely tonight. this one makes me melt. 

michael franti. say hey (i love you). because i drive down the highway and eli begs for this song. 

the weepies. world spins madly on. this one, oh this one. entire song is greatness. the line "i watch the stars from my window sill. the whole world is moving but i'm standing still." love that.

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