Saturday, December 18, 2010


it's closing time for my pink skirt.

i took it with me on our glorious cruise. i unpacked it in our little cabin of a room and saw it in new light. i noticed stains i had never seen before. even david said, "what happened to your pink skirt?" when he opened the closet. i shrugged my shoulders because i knew what i needed to do.

i have always felt lame because of my connection to clothing. certain pieces evoke memories and i just can't let go. moments in my life that were experienced while wearing a cardigan or a skirt.

this skirt has been with me since emma was a newborn. i remember buying it on my first trip back to california. alone. two children. one very tiny baby and a little boy. i remember emma tugging on it and wiping her nose. i remember it getting stuck in my bike tire while riding this past summer. i remember it being covered in compost in the garden in spring. the skirt has been with me on delightful days and cheered me up when all was grey. it danced around the house with us. enjoyed sunset dinners with us and even caught a concert or two in the park.

truth is, i'm not entirely ready to part with this skirt. for that reason, it will retire to my closet instead of the trash can. perhaps in the spring it will be replaced by another.

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Lizzy said...

Maybe you can re-work it--embellish it or turn it into something else so it can continue to be a functional part of your life.