Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ode to my pink skirt

gosh. i love this skirt. so much that i would dedicate a blog post to it.

yesterday i thought i spilled bleach on this skirt. i was in the kitchen. i gasped. didn't care who was watching me. i took off the pink skirt right then and there. quickly took it to the washing machine and in it went. i paced the hallway until the cycle was up. i removed the skirt. and with only one eye open, i searched for the bleach spot.


it was safe.

truth is this skirt is nothing special. no frills. i love it because it's bright. because it makes me smile. because for whatever reason it makes me feel a little more pretty than any other skirt. if you look close enough there's a little hole on the tush where it got stuck in the wheel while bike riding. i love it anyway, flaw and all.

on a rough day. i put this skirt on. slip on a pair of polka-dot rainboots and march around the house pretending the day is glorious. never fails. always works. the day turns around.

there will come a day when i'll have to move on. throw the skirt away because it will be far too faded and worn. i'll be okay with it i'm sure. with every ending comes something new.

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