Monday, August 23, 2010

photographing claremont - downtown

way overdue. my afternoon photographing claremont included downtown. now do you understand why i have such a love affair with claremont? the sidewalk cafes. the eclectic mix of people. the architecture. the history. the corner gardens. 

david and my favorite cafe is still there. they've dolled up the outdoor patio. i drew me in but i turned away. it so wouldn't be right for me to visit the place without my husband. we enjoyed countless dinners there. shared a sandwich. a salad. chips in the middle of the table. stuffed to the max we walked up and down the streets of claremont. i drooled over the houses. we walked through the gardens of the colleges. every turn of a corner offered a bench or a fountain or the lovely smell of sweet jasmine.

and to think i once lived 20 minutes from this glorious place. missing.

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