Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the diary of a mother - part 1 of 7,459

i am a mother. it's as if this position was made for me. i wipe faces covered with peanut butter. i have picnics in the park. i dance throughout the house to THIS song and probably enjoy the lyrics way more than the children do. i end up with stickers all over my clothes and don't actually realize i have them on me until a random stranger pulls one off of the back of my skirt while i stand in line at chick-fil-a. i grow a garden so i can share my love for being outdoors with my children. my heart skips a beat when the children pick strawberries from the garden and end up with stained lips and clothes.

i am a mother. i vacuum cherrios off the floor daily. i read children's books nightly and haven't read a true novel in years. although i am truly happy with a child on my lap, i throughly enjoyed sitting in a coffee shop last night with just the girls. i change diapers like a ninja. i can multi-task like you wouldn't believe. i have the patience to potty train a little girl who has the cutest curls in town.

i am a mother and i wouldn't trade this life for any other.

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