Friday, January 22, 2010

They are free

The other day I was thinking about my parenting style. No fuss, I cave often, choose my battles, choose to have fun.

I thought back to when I was about 5 years old. I had a bottle of nail polish, shook it up and heard a little clinging noise inside the bottle. I got curious. I decided I wanted whatever it was inside the nail polish bottle. I opened the bottle, poured it in the bathroom sink and discovered a tiny little ball. Jackpot! Then, I realized the sink was a mess and it wasn't coming clean. I went to my mom knowing I would be in trouble. Instead, she grabbed a bottle of nail polish remover, cleaned up the sink and we continued on.

That's where I get it. That's where this parenting style comes from. My mom could have sent me to my room and scolded me. But instead, nothing. Not many words were spoken. It was as if she embraced my curiosity and just cleaned up the mess.

I love that.

Yesterday Eli and I ran around the grocery store. We raced to the dairy isle, he weighed green apples and red apples even though we weren't going to purchase them. Emma finger painted. She ate dirt in the garden. We had a tea party and everything got soaked.

My children are free. They. Are. Free.

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