Thursday, January 21, 2010

The day we met

I met this girl just after midnight on a Friday. She arrived and into my arms she went. She stayed in my arms while the world went on, but she and I were frozen in that moment.

Without even knowing it, I started dreaming. Dreaming about life with my Emma, just moments old and I was already dreaming.

As Emma grows, so does her personality. She loves painting and eating and climbing. We read Goodnight Moon together and she wiggles in my lap. Her eyes are even more blue. She's funny, claps when it's bath time, she pulls out her eye lashes when she's mad.

She's Emma and the name couldn't fit her any better. Sure, there are probably thousands and thousands of Emma's out there. It is currently the most popular name. But, there's only one Emma with bright blue eyes, red curly hair, who pulls her eye lashes out when she gets mad, screams when craft time is over, climbs on the couch, eats all day long and wiggles when I read her Goodnight Moon.

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