Monday, August 17, 2009


I think motherhood was made for me. I love it, some days more than others, but I still love it. I remember myself as a new mom. Eli was just days old and I was up with him every few hours at night. I would nurse him constantly, eating graham crackers to try to keep myself awake. Then, I discovered co-sleeping and I slept through our late night feedings. 

I remember myself as a new mom for the second time. Our first night home from the hospital, I was up with Emma all night long. I gave into co-sleeping again and once again, I slept through our late night feedings. I remember waking up to her sleeping next to me and how she was My Paris

I love how motherhood makes me feel. I love how my skirt gets pulled on because there are little ones at my feet constantly. I love how Emma's eyes light up when I enter her room in the morning. I love how I'm teaching them without even teaching at all. I love how they will become me in ways of their own. 

I love motherhood. It is joy.

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