Monday, June 29, 2009

Love Grows Here

Our first camping trip with Eli. Celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary
We had a year long engagement. We don't rush into things. Dating 6 years before we were engaged, we like to move slow and take our time. 

We were pretty darn young if you ask me. I was attending college at the time. I remember visiting my college counselor. For some reason we got on the subject of marriage...
"Oh, you're getting married." He said. "How old are you?"
"20." I replied.
He shook his head. I knew what was going on in his mind...she'll get married...get pregnant...quit school...she'll never graduate. I didn't pursue the topic of marriage because I didn't want to hear it. We were determined, we were getting married.

We honestly didn't think much of how we were going to do this whole marriage thing. Moving out. Living on our own. At the time, David was waiting tables and I was working part-time as an administrative assistant. But, we did it. The wedding was lovely. A small wedding compared to many these days. We married on a hot, June afternoon. Everyone we loved was in attendance. We headed to Maui the following day for our honeymoon. 

Now, 9 years later, we continue to reminisce of those days. Our worries consisted of who we were going to call on Friday and Saturday night to join us for dinner. We went out with friends constantly. We met some awesome friends (Robert and Alisa...that's you) at our newlywed apartment. 

(Alisa, do you remember just how loud our air conditioner was? How when you heard it all you could do was laugh. Do you remember the first time we met? I do. I remember David and I always saw Robert leaving for work at night. We said to each other, we should talk to him. Do you remember that darn gate to our apartment complex. How people would just ram it with their car if their clicker wouldn't work. Fun times, huh?!)

Life was simple then. Although we now have offspring and life can be a little more complicated, we still model our life around those simple days. That's what life is suppose to be anyways, simple...right? 

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