Tuesday, May 26, 2009

School Days

This past Thursday marked Eli's last day of school. 
No more Tuesday & Thursday lollipops
No more Jacee and Aaron and Abby and Aidan and Riley
He is sad and so I am
No more running errands alone with my sweet Emma
Our early morning grocery shopping
Our mornings cleaning the house together
Our lunch dates with friends
Our Lowe's trips in the pickup truck 
I just adored the alone time I had with Emma
To celebrate the last day of school, they had an ice-cream party
One last meal shared with friends
A picture with his most loving teacher. 
When ever I'd drop Eli off, she'd just rave about his curly head of hair.
When ever I'd pick Eli up, she would give him a lolli,
bend down and say, "I love you Eli."
He was blessed to have not only one sweet teacher, but two.
She would always give me the cutest little updates on how Eli is doing...
"Eli went potty a lot today"
"He just wasn't the same today without Lilly"
"During lunch, Eli likes to lick his bowl clean"
"He cried today when you dropped him off, so, I held him and gave him hugs"
His teachers are retiring this year. How blessed I feel that they spent the year with Eli.
All the moms chipped in and bought them a bouquet of gift cards to every store they could imagine. They cried. I cried. 
I'm a softy these days, motherhood has made me a softy.

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

He looks so much older! What a sweetie.