Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Cleaning - Day 3

Our spring cleaning task for day 3 is to clean out that junk drawer. Everyone has one, some have more than one. In our home we have just one. It's in the kitchen and it's a nightmare. 

To aid in my organization of this drawer, I think I might make a visit to Walmart for a drawer insert that will help keep it nice and tidy. 

We have everything in there. Some, I know, will just get thrown away. What does your drawer look like? Happy organizing!

On another note, my sweet friend, Kortnee, had a great idea. After we complete the 12 days of of spring cleaning, we will do 12 days of fun activities to do with the children. Are you in? Thanks Kortnee!

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Oh, how I need to clean my junk drawer... and everything else! We just got back from vacation, and I can't believe how much of your blog I missed! Thanks for sharing about Dave and for all the spring cleaning inspiration.