Sunday, August 21, 2011

everyday i will do my best

tomorrow is the day. eli's first day of kindergarten. i woke sunday morning with peace. peace that i know has been there all this time, but was shadowed by memories of the past five years. tomorrow will of course not be easy, i'm sure i won't be able to hide my tears like i've done over the past few months, but i have peace. 
emma starts barn school on tuesday. this isn't as hard for me because it's preschool in a barn! how could i be sad about that?
i hand stamped these keychains for eli and emma. i've attached them to their backpacks as a reminder to do their best. to remind them to be the amazing children they are. to remind them that they have a mother at home who is patiently awaiting their return. 

and just like the keychain says, i too will do my best at being their mother. 

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