Monday, August 1, 2011

countdown chain

when i start thinking about the fact that my oldest child is going into kindergarten, my eyes well up with tears and i get a lump in my throat. i am doing my very best to keep my head up and focus on the here and now. for the next few weeks, our days will be lazy. we will wake up and lounge around in our pajamas until we feel like heading outside in the summer heat. we will spend hours at the pool, we will paint, we will laugh and we will just be. 

today, since it's august first, we counted the days until eli starts kindergarten. we then cut that many pieces of paper, sat on the cool kitchen floor and brainstormed activities we would like to do during the remainder of our time together. each idea was written on a piece of paper and then made into a chain. the chain hangs in our breakfast nook and we will do each and every thing on it. 

happy august!

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