Thursday, July 28, 2011

my children

the other night, after dinner was done, i caved. i grabbed the keys to my mothers car and a barefoot eli in his pajamas and i, went out for icecream. we drove down euclid avenue. the light of the almost 8pm evening was perfect. i stopped at a red light, looked back at eli and felt perfectly at home because i was with my son. 

i love my children, deeply, and i would do anything for them. i would sell and pack up our home and leave a place that is all too familiar to me. a place where i have lived my entire life. where i grew up, where i attended school, where all my memories of my sister live, where i met and wed my husband, where my first child was born. i love my children so much that i would leave all of that in search of a simpler life. a life where i can be home with them and watch them grow. where we can have lazy days in the garden and bike rides at the drop of a hat. 

this longing for home still resides in my heart. but, it's those dark brown eyes and bright blue eyes of my children that reminds me why we made that leap of faith.

and that makes all the difference. 

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Home as Hobby said...

Just beautiful. What a sweet reminder of what we do for our kids. You have very lucky ones;)