Friday, July 22, 2011


david says i romanticize things. he says i only remember the good things in life. and he's right, it's true. i completely admit to this and i'm actually fine with it. 

so yes, i romanticize california. when i step foot in the state, i am fascinated by the beauty and choose to ignore the aspects that aren't as beautiful. i am fascinated by the mountains that are impossible to ignore. by the sun that offers the perfect temperature on this beautiful summer day. by the houses with their decades of history. by the sound of cars traveling up and down this street where my parents house sits. by the concerts and movies in the park that call everyone away from their home and into the coolness of the night.

so yeah, i romanticize things. once again, the husband is right. but what he may have forgotten is it's my romanticizing of things that made him love me in the first place. 

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