Thursday, July 14, 2011

the dog days of summer

it's been blazing hot in texas. like seriously hot. my garden has been neglected because typically i can manage the heat and garden at night, but there's a problem when it's 98 degrees at 9pm!

despite the heat, we've been enjoying these long dog days of summer. we cool off at the pool (often!). we find indoor outings like the museum. and, we use our imaginations to make our home our summer escape from the heat. 
my girl started momma school. 
so now i have two students.
we built a 'fire' in the kitchen. even roasted pretend marshmallows. 
and i, i have been enjoying these priceless days with my e's. i melt when i find things like this, bun-bun carefully placed with family photos. melt. 

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