Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day weekend

mother's day weekend was glorious.

saturday i woke up, slipped on a skirt and we stayed home all day. i cleaned and organized the house. eli and i played board games while emma slept. we played in the garden and i planted (more!) flowers.

sunday we lounged around as a family of four. lunch stayed on the table until evening. we went to the movies. we ate dinner outdoors at the lake to the sound of live music. just one guy and his guitar and he seemed to cover all my favorite songs including THIS one.

i realized this was my first mother's day where i did not change a single diaper. we did however make a restroom stop at a fast food restaurant where eli opened the stall door to show the world my unmentionables. sweet! laugh away, i sure did.

at the close of the weekend, david and i decided we will move to the florida keys and live in a trailer.

the only thing missing from my weekend was my mom. she's in california and here i am in texas. my parents have been preparing for their cross country road trip this summer. although, i really think i should just fly out to california and spend the summer on euclid avenue and skip the texas summer heat.

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Happy Mother's Day!! SO.... Florida Keys?!?!? :)