Wednesday, April 13, 2011


it seems like i've been reminded daily about the importance of simplicity. it started with a conversation with david while we were sitting in the front yard watching the children ride their bikes in the street. "i love our simple life," i told david, "i think that's really how life was meant to be lived."

then, i had a conversation about simplicity with my best friend. she told me how her and her husband were just talking about their desire for a simple life.

this morning, the children and i headed out to the garden. they were still in their pajamas because we had nothing what so ever on our agenda, so why get dressed? they played in a small pool while i watered all 10 garden boxes. i started thinking about when my life as a mother began. after eli was born i attended the most amazing mom's group. my lamaze instructor led the group of 6 or so women. it was an 8 week group and every week she would lead us in a new discussion. we met at a church and gathered in a room holding our newborn babies. we would nurse and bounce and cradle our little babes as we talked about different aspects of motherhood and family. one week we discussed keeping a close family. we talked about having a family motto. i walked away from the group that week with no idea what our family of three's motto should be.

as eli grew, as we picked up our family and moved to texas to live a slower life, as emma's arrival made us a family of four, and as the children grew together, it became clear what our family motto should be. i can now say i know without a doubt what our family motto is, simplify. one word, that's all we need.

simplify means different things to me at different seasons of life. right now it means resisting the urge to crowd my time with unnecessary obligations. it means days at home with no plans, staying in our pajamas and playing in the sprinkler and riding bikes in the wind. it means blowing wish flowers and having dinner outdoors. it means baking bread and playing games. it means having flexibility in our steady routine to walk to the park, or go over to a friends house, or eat dinner at 8pm because the days are long.

i hope i'm continually reminded to simplify. these days are way too precious.

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