Thursday, March 24, 2011


if you're tired of reading about gardening, you're in for a long season. i write about things i love and this garden has me smitten. 

it's safe to say i have spent more time outdoors lately than i have indoors. yesterday, the children and i played outside until their feet were black. i think spring screams black feet and extra long baths to wash the day away. 
the children scattered seed packets in a garden box. we've been watching them reach for the sun.
the summer squash is coming along and has me drooling over vegetable lasagna. 
i love how the mint cannot stay contained. it squeezes and nudges and fits so nicely between the boxes. 
and just today i discovered our first tomato of the season. 
and the green bean seeds have sprouted. they seriously grow an inch a day. 
and of course, i pulled another carrot. i think i'm just about ready to pull them all. glazed carrots for dinner anyone?

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