Wednesday, March 23, 2011


today i fell in love with my life for the 4,268th time.

it's not the huge milestones, memories and moments that get it. it's the little ones.

i don't need an extravagant life. fancy cars never did anything for me. a modest home suits me just fine. never cared too much about designer shoes or clothes, i change my mind too often to be married to a $200 pair of jeans.

all i need is my amazing (truly, can't express this enough) husband, to be close to my children and to live simply so i can take time to sigh and breath and think.

emma was down for a nap today. eli and i were talking back and forth about kites while i was in the kitchen making lasagna for dinner. it came time to chop parsley. i excused myself from eli's kite conversation, walked out the front door, went around the house and opened the garden gate. i sniped a handful of parsley, walked back inside and continued my cooking and kite conversation.

those few moments walking out to the garden made me pause, sigh and remind myself what a lovely life i do have. happiness is a choice, and i choose to be happy. sure i have days of when i'm down, but it's those little moments that remind me why i'm here. i am called to be a mother. and that is why i keep falling in love with this simple life of mine.

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