Monday, March 7, 2011


oh friends, if only you could be in our home. i mean, i'm sure your home is just as amazing, but the recent everyday happenings in our four walls just has me tickled. 

we have spring fever. on saturday we made a spring countdown chain. it sits on our table and we remove one daily.

next, i made a list on a magnetic whiteboard that sticks on our fridge. i listed all the crafts that i want to complete because i got tired of them swimming around in my mind. david added the most important craft to the bottom of the bulleted list, 'kiss your hubby.' and i did when he returned home that night. 

on sunday i cleaned the entire house. it looked amazing. lasted about 30 minutes, now i'm tripping over legos again.

actually, a lot happened on sunday. i mean emma smeared elmers glue all in her lovely locks. i didn't realize it until i was heading out the door and the glue was nice and dry. i stuck a bow in her hair and we went out for ice cream. 

next, eli told me i was making his day worser because i asked him to pick up the entire bucket of legos he spilled all over the floor. that's my goal in life, to make my son's day worser. 

in the morning, i gave emma half of a fiber one bar. it finally kicked in during 7pm bathtime. i think i picked her dripping wet body up out of the bath 8 times to visit the toilet. 

hope your home is just as lovely. 

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