Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a day and a half

i spent a day and a half away from my family. away from my home and all its comforts. if i could only put into words how much i missed those 3 precious people that make me me.

i drove home with the ipod on shuffle. the sky once again called for a photo. i grabbed my cell phone and clicked a picture or two. the swirls in the sky were amazing. they reminded me of a march 2004 trip david and i took to the grand canyon. we stood at the rim of the canyon and i stared at the swirls in the rocks and the orange that just takes your breath away.

time away solo is really hard on me. i found my eyes fixed on a 6 month old baby and just craving my own. i thought about my spring garden, all planned in my mind. all i wanted to do the entire time was lay in the grass with my girl and my boy climbing all over me. even if that means i end up with compost and bubbles all over my skirt.

i just love that God made me to love motherhood. to miss my husband, my children, my home, so badly it hurts.

so, thanks for listening. it's amazing what a day and a half away can reveal.

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