Saturday, February 26, 2011

parenting advice from an expert

inspired by THIS blog post from my dear friend cara. one of the best and most inspiring mom's i know. 

mom, i am. expert, i am not. 

i sat at a table with a group of women friday morning. i tried to put into words how much gratitude i have for my parents. i mean, as the seasons pass, i realize more and more just how my parenting style was molded by theirs. 

they were parents. they weren't demanding. they raised me and my sister and steered us through life, all while giving us just enough freedom to discover and grow our individuality. many would say i was spoiled (and still am). we had a chore chart, but if the summer sun was calling us to the park, we weren't scolded for ignoring it. my mom cleaned my room for me until i got married and moved out at 21. i remember coming home from school and often laying in my clean room to take a nap before i even thought about doing a page of homework. 

fortunately, david and i share the same personality and desire for parenting. we're both too laid back to fret about the little things. we have the same goal of steering our children through life, all while giving them the freedom to discover and grow their individuality. 

so, here's some parenting advice from a simple mom who just wants to spend her days loving on her children. 
get outside and grow something with your children. the memories are priceless. 
photograph the everyday. bare feet in the sand, hands being held, paint covered faces. 
cuddle, hold and hug. there's nothing sweeter than a little one on your lap, no?
nourish that marriage of yours. i adore my children and being a mother is my calling. BUT, my husband is a gem and we enjoyed 6 glorious years as husband and wife before we became parents. love on that husband of yours and enjoy kidless quality time. 
take things slow and easy. these days are too precious to be filled with a busy life. 
let them make a mess. i love having nice stuff. i treasure our home. but our red couch is meant to be jumped on. our carpet will get stained. our curtains are hiding spots during hide & seek. there are dents in the walls, handprints on the windows, stickers on the furniture. just let it be. it will one day be missed. 
be intentional with memory making. i bought this locket when emma was little and i've been wearing it since. now, at 2-1/2 she adores it and i remind her often that it will one day be hers. 
enjoy the seasons. the burr of winter, the new growth in spring, the heat of summer, the wind of fall. just enjoy them. 

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Ok, once again you made me very sad that you live so far away! Thanks for the sweet comment. Love having a special blog friend!