Wednesday, January 19, 2011

winter in the garden

last sunday we experienced snow. i kind of knew it was coming and took no care in covering the garden. i wanted to see what the winter garden could take. i did grab a toy rake and attempt to remove some of the snow weighing down my plants. but, that's all. 

tuesday evening i checked on the garden again to see what survived. i'm excited to say everything did! the broccoli is as green as ever. the spinach looks perfect. and the parsley is alive and well. success!

so my friends, i'm hooked. although gardening in the warmth of the sun is my first love, there's something special about the laid back gardening of winter. maybe it's how the garden has rescued me during these long winter days of cabin fever. or how i love to peek out our breakfast nook window throughout the day to see green among the dormant winter grass. either way, i'm hooked and i'm loving it. 

check out my friend cara at living the yeh life to see just why i get cabin fever here in texas. that my friends, is why i miss the west coast!

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