Monday, January 3, 2011

winter garden

the winter days are long and many (fredrick if you didn't notice). they are dormant and brown. they are chilly and bundled.
yet, there's life in the garden. and i spent the chilly afternoon in the garden while the children napped.
and yes i dreamed of warmer days. of flip-flops and the beach. but keeping to my gift of slow, i snapped out of my daydream and warmed my fingers in the pockets of my hoodie. 
it's all an experiment. this winter garden. the carrots seem to be doing well. i have no clue when they will be ready. the broccoli arrived a few days ago and the spinach is begging to be baked in lasagna. 
winter gardens seem to be slow. spring gardens are quick to please and enjoy. but winter, no such thing. they slowly show signs of life in the midst of the spinning. 

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