Friday, January 21, 2011

garden friend

i can't get gardening out of my mind these days. maybe it's because my birthday is approaching and for the last two birthdays, i've asked for garden boxes. not this year, we've reached our limit.

on the way to eli's preschool, there's this house with an amazing garden. i couldn't tell you what the house looks like because all i see when i pass is the garden. it's on a large piece of property. we passed the garden house (as i like to call it) today and i noticed the dirt was tilled and looked fresh as can be. in september i passed the garden house and saw a huge pile of tomato cages that almost touched the clouds.  this past spring i passed the garden house and saw the most amazing never ending blooms of tulips.

today as i admired the garden house from my car i realized just how much i want a garden friend. like someone who has gardened for years in this soil. who i can compare stories with. who can give me advice. who will knock on my door (and vice versa) just to see what's ready to be harvested for the day. she might be 40 or even 60 or even 80. i don't care about age, all i care about is her garden.

maybe one day i'll have the nerve to knock on the door of the garden house just to meet the person whose garden i so admire.

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