Monday, November 29, 2010

first frost

friday morning i walked to the mailbox in my pajamas. i got half way there when i realized all the neighbors were out putting up their christmas lights. i was embarrassed. wanted to run back in the house, but i was committed. i waved, put my letters in the box and power walked back to the warmth of our home. 

it was cold. the first frost had arrived and the lawn was covered in white. since this is my first year planting a winter garden, it felt a little odd not covering the boxes to protect the plants.

the afternoon melted the frost and i headed outside to check on the garden. the basil and bell pepper froze but not before i harvested the last 8 bell peppers of the year. the zinnias and marigolds were also brown but my winter plantings were alive and well. 

i was unsure about a winter garden. nothing, truly nothing beats the delight of a spring garden. the way the tomato plants reach for the sky and end up taller than i. the colors. the smell of the herbs. the jasmine right outside the window. 

the winter garden brings a whole new set of delights. like the way it kind of takes care of itself. requires less time. the way i'm always surprised that things can survive the chill of the night. 

there's something fascinating about growing a garden. always anticipation, always changing, always new...kind of life this little thing we call life. 

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