Thursday, November 4, 2010

dear mom...

dear mom,
you arrive soon! we can't wait. remember your visit when i was pregnant with emma? when i spent hours and hours in the garden and you and david thought i was crazy. remember how you two thought i was going to garden myself into early labor?

remember your visit when i introduced you to chipotle?

so this morning when eli woke me up at 7am by poking me in the eye, i thought about you. i thought about how whenever you visit, eli always sleeps with you. i thought about how you get up with the children at 7am and david and i sleep in until 10am. yeah, can't wait!

since we're not telling the children about your visit, david and i have come up with a code word for you. somehow we came up with popcorn balls. so last night when your favorite family of 4 was driving to costco, we had the following conversation:
david: when is popcorn balls arriving?
me: on saturday.
david: how long is popcorn balls staying?
me: hmmmmm, 8-9 days i think.
david: so when popcorn balls arrives, we need to have a true date night.
me: explain yourself.
david: you know...the kind of date night when we stay out until 2am.
me: deal

so we are waiting here patiently. see you soon popcorn balls.


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