Tuesday, November 16, 2010


i was driving down the highway a few weeks ago. children in the backseat, as always. i was listening to THIS song. loud! and found myself in a daydream. thinking...

what if we weren't truly made to stay in one place? 

i mean, i'm a girl, i like stability as most girls do. but, if i've learned anything over the past 5 years. if i've learned anything from walking away from familiar and stepping into the unknown. i have learned that there's freedom in making yourself uncomfortable. there's freedom in knowing that you're not tied down, stuck in one place out of fear of doing something different, out of the convenience of a weekly paycheck.

there's way too much out there to root myself in one place and never dare to venture out. 

i'd love to hike the mountains of sedona arizona. to experience the fall colors of the east coast. to feel the chilly air go right through me in alaska. to walk the streets in downtown seattle. to admire the houses in greenwich village new york. 

the daydream ended as i pulled up to our home. the thought, however, hasn't left me since. 

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