Thursday, October 28, 2010

rough day: a photo essay

today was a rough day. i won't bore you with the details explaining why it was rough. but believe me, it was. i listened to THIS song over and over again. 

late in the day i finally began to snap out of my funk. i wore a very big and very old ucla sweatshirt and was grateful for the comfort it brought. i walked around and counted my blessings. here's proof:
grateful for the boyfriend sweatshirt.
for the hues of orange halloween has to offer.
for a little girl who is always on my mind.
for my boy who builds and destroys. 
for a red crockpot that simmered dinner all day. 
for a countdown to our favorite holiday.
and of course, for the fall garden. 
for being able to sneak a peek from our breakfast nook window. 
friday will be better. promise. 

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