Friday, September 24, 2010

the diary of a mother - part 4 of 7,459

i want to freeze time with this girl. i can easily look past the tantrums and meltdowns and see the most darling little girl and i don't want her to grow up. i remember THIS and THIS and THIS like it was just yesterday.

today i had a few hours alone with my girl. we drove down a country road listening to THIS song. she tried to sing along. she played with modeling clay while i gardened. she begged me for a glass of ice water.

tonight my girl went to bed an hour late just because i couldn't stop tickling her tummy. she giggles loud and lets out a scream. i melt. we did that for an hour. finally, i laid her in her crib, covered her with a soft white blanket, turned on some music and closed the door.

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