Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear Emma...

Dear Emma Bear,
I love watching you grow. I love watching you watch your brother. You smile, you giggle, you glow. I love that you're content sitting on a blanket in the grass, watching your brother ride his bike, watching me garden. I wonder though, if you dream of the day when you can join us? Dear Emma, I hope you never outgrow this cardigan. I hope you never outgrow the pink hat your Grandmother crocheted you. I know you will eventually, but one can dream right? I know there will be plenty more cardigans and hats. Dear Emma, when you grow up I hope you want to be a teacher, or a doctor, or a photographer...but to be honest with you, most of all, I hope you want to be me. Here's to our first spring season together. May it be bountiful and joyful and blessed and full of your beautiful blue eyes.
Your mother


Anonymous said...

Too cute! I LOVE having a daughter (especially now that Derek is older and pulling away from me a bit--those pre-teen years I guess--but I miss my "buddy"). Sarah was puking in the car yesterday (her motion sickness I have to deal with now) and I was telling her "hang on baby, let me get off the freeway and I'll help you." Later in the day we were in the car again and she asked me "why did you tell me "hang on baby"--I'm NOT a baby." So I said "well what should I say?" She replied "just say "Hang on Sarah" so when I turned a corner I said "Hold on BABY, I'm turning really fast" and then she was laughing so hard because she knew I was purposely teasing her. I love my little girl's personality--she cracks me up (and drives me crazy too!) Sherry

Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Oh so sweet! She is... precious!