Monday, April 19, 2010

Strawberries, chunky legs and randomness

We picked our first strawberry. Small. Yes. Tasty. Absolutely. Eli and I shared it straight from the garden.
It makes him smile to harvest goodies from the garden. It makes me smile watching him smile while harvesting goodies from the garden.
These little chunky legs work it in the garden. I fill her watering can 1,000 times. She digs in the compost. She eats compost. When I'm not looking she climbs in the garden beds and sits on my plants.
She'll learn the rules of the garden. Maybe not this season, but, she'll learn.
I don't get house envy. I get garden envy. 
Currently, this is my favorite place to be. 
The whole suspense of when I'll see our first zucchini or cucumber or bell pepper is killing me. 
Kind of like when I was 9 months pregnant. I'd head out the door to run an errand all while wondering if my water was going to break in the grocery store. Now, that's suspense. For some odd reason, the morning I actually woke up in labor, I drove an hour to Costco to go shopping and timed contractions on the way. Gave birth about 8 hours labor, in the hospital, not Costco. 


blueeyeskd said...

Any suggestions on growing strawberries in a pot inside the house??? Just curious... I'm struggling...

our delightful life...the story of us said...

I haven't grown strawberries indoors. Over the years they have done well in my garden and have returned year after year regardless of snow and frost.