Thursday, February 18, 2010


It was one of those days. One of those days when the sun was shining like crazy in our house. I was all by myself. I was able to think. Think about whatever I wanted. I let my mind wander and this is what came to me...

I like to go to sleep with a necklace on, why?

When David and I grow up we went to be campground hosts. We'll sell our home and possessions and travel from campground to campground in our motorhome.

I was dreaming about Big Sur, CA. I've been to many beautiful places in my life. Yosemite, Maui, the Redwoods but Big Sur holds a dear place in my heart.

I think I'm ready to walk in flip-flops and pick tomatoes from the garden, I think.

Someone told me the other day they couldn't wait to exit their 20's. Why? I loved my 20's.

As the years pass, we seem to strive for more. Money, fame, possessions. Why? They only seem to complicate our lives. Some of my best years were spent in a 600 square foot apartment as a newlywed, a college student, and part-time employee. We were rich in happiness. Isn't that all the matters?

Oh how I love my camera. Thank you Dad. I use it daily to capture our delightful life.

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