Monday, January 18, 2010

Preparing for the season

The seasons will soon be changing. I'm not only looking forward to the new season in our lives, but I'm looking forward to new growth in the garden. Remember this?

I spent my Sunday afternoon working in the garden. I hadn't stepped foot in the garden since winter arrived. I felt at home, but the garden looked a bit shabby. I even found my old gardening gloves exactly where I left them in late fall. I picked them up to take them in for a wash. For a second, I thought of purchasing a new pair for spring. Then, I remembered how many hours these gloves and I spent together last season. I decided they will continue on, until they have holes in the fingertips, they will continue on.

I trimmed back some perennials.

I loosened the soil.

I remembered the marigolds. Gold and big and reaching for the sky. I pulled them out to make way for new seedlings.

Even our old garden gate needs some sprucing up. A new wreath? A garden sign?

I still have a good two months before the garden will be up and running. Until then I will plan, start seedlings indoor, dig in the dirt, build more garden boxes (mostly David will do this one) and import more soil.

Two little gardeners will join me this season. I cannot wait!

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