Monday, December 14, 2009

My Girl

I dropped Eli off at church on Saturday night for a Christmas party. My girl and I had a date. We walked the isles of my favorite stores doing some last minute Christmas shopping. I brought her favorite snack as a treat. Graham crackers and milk.

As I pushed the cart through the store I told my girl a story.

"This reminds me of Thursday's once upon a time." I said. "When it was just Dad and I. Dad went out weekly with his friends. If they weren't playing racket ball or video games, they would meet at a local eatery and talk."

We passed the shoe section, I stopped to look at the selection.

"Thursday's are my favorite day of the week because it's the day before Friday. One Thursday in particular, I was home alone and decided I wanted a new blouse to wear to work on Friday. I loaded in my truck, drove to my favorite store and bought the perfect Thursday blouse for Friday."

This little girl of mine is my doll. The real doll I wished for every Christmas as a child. At the age of 29, I spent Christmas with this little girl in my belly. I didn't tell a soul, but, I wished for a doll that year.

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